Policy and Procedures


  • Our monthly email newsletter “Footnotes” contains important information regarding the month ahead. Please read this newsletter carefully each month to avoid missing important information. If you are apart of our Toes of Grace Dance family and are not receiving the Footnotes, please notify Natalie.
  • For questions and concerns, please contact toesofgrace@gmail.com or call 615-945-3548 


▪A non-refundable registration fee and first month's tuition are due at enrollment for each dance season.

▪Tuition is billed monthly and is charged the 1st of each month regardless of when your first class of the month falls.

▪All families will be required to have a card on file for auto-pay.

▪In the event that a credit/debit card or check is refused or returned as un-payable, the customer will be responsible for the full transaction charge plus any fees charged by the banking establishment to Toes of Grace. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Toes of Grace of any changes in their payment information. Any unpaid balances  will result in a $15 late fee on the 6thof each month and enforced on all accounts past due. Late notices will be sent via email.

▪Payments 30 days past due will result in lesson termination and the date and time slot will be released for new students.

▪A full month’s tuition is due for ALL months (August-May). Tuition is broken up into monthly payments for your convenience. The school year will consist of (35) thirty-five weekly class sessions from August - May. Monthly tuition is based on the average of 3.5 classes per month. Some months have as few as (2) two weeks others have as many as (5) five. You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays. Credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, snow days, or personal commitments. You are welcome to make-up any class missed.

▪Tuition is NOT pro-rated for absences, inclement weather days, holidays, or Recital Picture Week.

▪We offer a 10% discount for the first sibling’s monthly tuition and 20% discount on second sibling.

▪Class apparel (leotard, tights, shoes, leggings, etc) is to be purchased by the student/family. Select materials are available for purchase through Toes of Grace.

▪Students should arrive promptly. We suggest that students arrive 5 minutes before class to prepare.

▪Students should use the restroom before class/lessons. Students will not be given permission to leave class/lesson once it has begun unless it is an emergency.

▪We encourage you to stress the importance of NOT MISSING CLASSES, unless there is an emergency or sickness. Regular and consistent attendance is important. We have found that students feel a lack of confidence in classes due to multiple absences.

Absences and Make up Class

▪Email toesofgrace@gmail.com, if your child will be absent from a lesson or class, so we can notify their teacher.

▪Makeups are permitted in a class of comparable length and level. After January 1 of each dance season, makeups in recital classes may not be permitted due to recital preparations.

▪Makeup classes are not offered for holidays and are not guaranteed for inclement weather cancellations.

▪In the case of inclement weather, please check your email or our Facebook page by 8am for morning classes and 2pm for afternoon classes regarding closing information.  We do NOT always go along with the public school cancellations.

▪If the student’s teacher is unable to teach a class, we will provide an excellent substitute.  If a substitute cannot be secured, we will notify you, by email and/or phone, and a makeup class will be given.

▪It is the student/parent’s responsibility to schedule a makeup.

Withdrawing from lessons and classes

  • The dance season runs from August to May.
  • Withdrawal from a class and/or lesson(s) requires a 30-day written notice.
  • A registration fee will be charged if student chooses to re-enroll.
  • Lessons are paid in full within this 30-day time period.
  • There will be no refunds or credits for unattended lessons during these 30 days.

▪To request a withdrawal, please contact toesofgrace@gmail.com

▪Any recital costumes that have not been claimed within 60 days of a student's withdrawal from class will become property of Toes of Grace.

Toes of Grace reserves the right at any time to cancel a class due to low enrollment, alter the class schedule, ask a child to move to a different class if that class is not appropriate for their level, or remove a child for behavior issues.

Thank you for your cooperation and agreement to comply to these policies set by Toes of Grace. We can assure you that very careful thought and consideration has been taken into every aspect so that we can provide the best dance experience possible for you.

All students will also need to sign a release of dance_liability_form.

Dance Recital Participation

All dancers are invited to participate in our new Holiday show this season!

Get ready to dance to our favorite Christmas classics and Mini Nutcracker!

Combo classes will perform 1 dance style in our Christmas show and a different style in our spring recital.  Select solo opportunities will be available by audition.

*Our Twinkle Babies 2-3yr will not participate in our Christmas Show, only Spring recital.

Holiday Show Costumes:Payment due with September tuition.

Spring Recital Costumes:Payment due with October tuition.

Costumes CANNOT be ordered without full payment.  Late costume payments are subject to a $15 late fee.  Any costumes ordered after December will require an additional $10-20 for shipping and no guarantee of availability.

Recital Tights:  All dancers are required to wear the Revolution Brand tights and shoes for pictures and recital.   Dancers typically need prima pink for ballet and tan for tap/jazz.  Some exceptions may apply depending on costume.

▪In regard to costume sizing– each student’s measurements are carefully compared to a sizing chart provided by the costume company.  Sometimes a student’s measurements fall in between two sizes, and in most cases the larger size is ordered.  The body length measurement (girth) is the most important measurement we consider when sizing.  Some costumes may need to be taken in on the sides or may require other minor alterations. Each parent is responsible for these small alterations as well as attaching straps, connecting fringe, hemming pants etc. Costumes are made to order for an “average” sized person.

▪No refunds are available on costumes once they are ordered.

Christmas Performance:Tickets will be available for purchase for those who attend. Dancers will not need a ticket. No additional fee to participate other than costume requirements.

SpringPerformance Fee:$60, Siblings $20 (Non-refundable; payment due February 1st). This includes a recital t-shirt for each dancer, 2 tickets (Dancers will not need a ticket), and to help cover cost such as programs, media staff, decorations, paid staff, etc. Tickets will be available for purchase for additional family and friends to attend.

Recital Costume Fees

Twinkle Stars Costumes (2 costumes)
Ballet 4, 5 (1 costume)
Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet/Tap 3, Company

  • Holiday costume fees for non-combo classes will be determined at a later date.


$63 + tax
$75 + tax
$70 each + tax