Policies and Procedures


  • Welcome to our Dance Studio Policies and Procedures. We want to remind you that our monthly newsletter is an essential source of information regarding upcoming events and important updates for the month. To ensure you receive this information, please make sure you are a member of our Studio Band app. If you are a part of our Toes of Grace Dance family and are not receiving the newsletter, please let our office know. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at toesofgrace@gmail.com or call 615-922-9353.We require all students to sign a release of dance liability form and our policies and procedures form.

    All students will also need to sign a release of dance liability form along with our policies and procedures form.



We value our customers' feedback and appreciate your support. To ensure that we can address any concerns you may have in a timely and effective manner, we have established the following communications policy:
● All concerns or questions regarding our dance studio should be emailed to the studio at toesofgrace@gmail.com
● If you require further discussion regarding your concern, please note that a meeting must be scheduled and approved by the studio director. We encourage all discussions to be held in a respectful and professional manner.
● Please do not stop by the studio to air concerns or grievances before or during teaching hours.We respect our teachers' time and want to ensure they can provide the best possible instruction for all of our students.
● Our staff will make every effort to respond to your email within 48-72 hours. If your concern requires additional time or investigation, we will keep you informed of the status and progress of our response.
● Failure to follow the communications policy and/or be respectful in written and verbal communication will result in immediate dismissal from the studio. Account balances must be settled immediately upon dismissal.


  • To enroll in our dance season, a non-refundable registration fee and the first month's tuition are due at the time of enrollment. Monthly tuition will be charged on the 1st of each month, regardless of when
    your first class of the month falls. To ensure timely payment, all families must have a card on file for auto-pay. If payment is declined or returned, a $7 decline fee will be charged. Late fees of $15 will be applied on the 6th of each month for any unpaid balances. If the card is declined, an additional decline fee plus the late fee will be charged. Payments that are 30 days past due will result in lesson termination, the account balance will be turned over to collections and the date and time slot will be released for new students. A full month’s tuition is due for all months from August to June, and tuition is based on the average of 3
    classes per month. Tuition is not pro-rated for absences, inclement weather days, holidays, Recital Picture Week, or Recital Rehearsal Weeks. No credit will be given for missed classes due to illness, snow days, or personal commitments. All charges and tuition, must be paid by December 10th and June 10th prior to the recitals in order to perform. This policy applies to all dancers, regardless of age or level. No exceptions. You will not be permitted to perform if your account balance isn’t cleared by the 10th of the month in December and June.All sales are final. No refunds or returns.

Withdrawing from Classes

If you wish to withdraw from a class or lessons, you must provide written notice by using the Toes of Grace Drop Form. You will pay a drop fee of a month's tuition on the date your drop form is submitted. The card on file will be charged. No refunds or credits will be given for unattended lessons during this 30-day period. Lessons must be paid in full within this time frame. If you decide to re-enroll, a registration fee will be charged. To request a withdrawal, contact toesofgrace@gmail.com or speak with our admin. to receive a drop form. If you do withdraw, please be aware that any recital costumes must be claimed within 60 days; otherwise, they become the property of Toes of Grace.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment, change the class schedule, ask a student to move to a different class, or remove a child for behavior issues.

Classroom Procedures

  • To ensure a safe and productive learning environment, we kindly ask that students arrive promptly and are ready to begin at their scheduled class time. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to class will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to watch and take notes instead.
  • No one is allowed to video dancers through the windows without permission due to safety and copyright concerns.
  • Only Toes of Grace staff are authorized to open doors and manage the classroom. In case of any behavior issues, parents will be notified either after class or immediately if the safety of the instructor or other dancers is compromised.
    Security cameras are in use during class time for the safety of both instructors and dancers.
  • Students are advised to use the restroom before class as they will not be allowed to leave once class has begun unless it is an emergency.
  • Regular attendance is important for students to progress and build confidence. The class dress code i strictly enforced.
  • Students should not be dropped off more than 15 minutes early unless previously arranged, and no student under the age of 8 should be left unattended in the lobby.
  • Lastly, we request that students are picked up from class on time to avoid a late pick-up fee of $10 wheN the student is still at the studio 15 minutes after class, with an additional $1 for every minute thereafter.
  • Certain classes have prerequisites and additional requirements to ensure dancers' safety and development. For example, students enrolled in Acro class must also be enrolled in a level-appropriate Ballet class. Students who wish to go en pointe must be enrolled in two Ballet classes, one PBT (progressing ballet technique) class, and Pre-pointe.
  • Toes of Grace instructors may move a student to a different level throughout the year or after the first semester if necessary. New students may be asked to come in for assessment in a placement class to determine their level.
  • Students may spend 2-3 years in each level, and the final say on each dancer's class placement rests with Toes of Grace instructors and artistic directors, who aim for nothing but success for all their students.

Class Placement and Levels

Toes of Grace offers classes for children of different ages and levels. There are two main divisions: Twinkle Stars for preschool-age children, and Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire and Amethyst for grade school to high school students.

  • The Twinkle Stars program includes three class offerings: Twinkle Babies for children who turned two by September 1st, Twinkle Stars 1 for children who will be three by September 1st, or will turn four during the upcoming school year, and Twinkle Stars 2 for children who will be four by August 1st, or will turn five during the upcoming school year. There is also a Primary Acro class for ages 3-6, which aims to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and a foundation for acro dancing. To enroll in Primary Acro, students must also be enrolled in and regularly attend a Twinkle Stars class.

To ensure consistency, Toes of Grace staff follows specific curriculum for the Twinkle Stars and Acro classes. The Twinkle Stars curriculum includes ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement, while the Acro curriculum follows the internationally recognized Acrobatic Arts certification program, with an emphasis on safety and individual student development.

Students may need to repeat a level to ensure success and appropriate development. Toes of Grace teachers and staff carefully consider each student's level and need to place them in the most suitable class.

Gemstone Levels

Toes of Grace classes for school-age children are divided into four levels based on grade level, but there is also some overlap based on ability and experience. The levels are as follows:

● Topaz: Kindergarten - First Grade

● Emerald: Second Grade - Fifth Grade

● Sapphire: Fifth Grade - Seventh Grade

● Amethyst: Seventh Grade - Twelfth Grade

Dancers will be placed in the level where their teacher believes they will be most successful. Some

students may be split between two levels in different styles of dance based on their skill set.

Absences, Make up Class, and Attendance

This policy clarifies the procedures for absences and make-up classes at Toes of Grace dance studio. If a student will be absent from a lesson or class, the student/parent should notify the studio by completing the absence form on the Band app. It is the student/parent's responsibility to schedule a makeup class within one month of the missed class. Makeup classes are not offered for holidays and inclement weather cancellations are not guaranteed. The studio will provide an excellent substitute if a teacher is unable to teach a class, and if a substitute cannot be secured, a makeup class will be given. We don’t guarantee makeup classes. Some classes don’t have an alternate day or class to make up a missed class.

Also, there are no makeup classes offered October 1-December recital. Additionally, there are no makeup classes offered April 1-June recital.

If a student needs to leave early, only Toes of Grace staff may collect them from the classroom. If a scheduling conflict arises that involves a student missing more than 25% of class time each week, the office management will discuss a plan for private lessons or un-enrollment.

For Sapphire, Amethyst, and company classes, students may not miss more than six classes per year. Missing more than four classes of a specific style in a semester may require private lessons to catch up and participate in the recital. Private lessons to prepare for the recital must be scheduled before November 1st for December recitals and May 1st for June recitals.

If a student misses 25 or more classes in a year, Toes of Grace can choose to not allow the student to participate in the recital, regardless of whether the student ordered a costume or not.

Private lessons

Private Lessons:

If you need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson, you must give the studio at least 24 hours notice, or you will be charged the full payment of the lesson.

To book a private lesson, you must email toesofgrace@gmail.com to schedule it through the studio.

Private lesson rates may vary depending on the instructor, style of dance, and time.

Dress Code

The dress code policy at Toes of Grace is strict in order to create a professional and disciplined environment for dancers. All dress code items, including leotards, shoes, and tights, must be purchased through the studio unless otherwise noted. Each class has a designated leotard color and style assigned to it, and shoes must be purchased through the studio to protect the integrity of the floors.

In addition to wearing the correct attire, dancers are required to follow other rules as well. Hair must be pulled back and out of the face for Hip Hop. For ballet classes Topaz and up, it must be in a bun. Acro students should wear their hair in braids or a low bun. Twinkle students should wear hair in a high bun, if possible. Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary  students should wear hair pulled back away from the face. Baggy or athletic shorts are not allowed, and tights must be worn as underwear with no visible undergarments, including sports bras. If this is an issue for a dancer, they should speak to Miss Natalie.

Baggy or athletic shorts are not allowed, and tights must be worn as underwear with no visible undergarments, including sports bras. If this is an issue for a dancer, they should speak to Miss Natalie.

Dancers of Topaz and up are required to wear cover-ups to and from the studio, which can include warm-ups such as leg warmers, ballet sweaters, trash bag pants/shorts, or leggings. However, these items must be taken off at the teacher's request. Water bottles should be brought by all dancers, and deodorant is required for Emerald, Sapphire and Amethyst.

If a student is not in dress code:

1st time: Verbal warning and note to parents with a dress code reminder

2nd time: Written warning

3rd time: Asked to sit out and take notes, without participating in class, this will continue each class until the dress code issue has been resolved.




Pre-pointe and pointe policies

Pre-pointe is a class offered to Sapphire level and above dancers to develop the strength and technique required to dance en pointe. In some cases, dancers in pre-pointe may need to be fitted and purchase demi-pointe shoes.

The book "The Perfect Pointe Book" by Dance Physiotherapist Lisa Howells is recommended for pre-pointe dancers as a guide to the steps involved in getting pointe shoes. Parents may also benefit from the parent companion book, "The Perfect Pointe Parents manual".

Dancers in pre-pointe are assigned exercises to be done at home to strengthen the small muscles and tendons in their feet. These exercises should take 15-20 minutes and should be completed 4-5 times per week. Core and hip (turnout muscle) strength are also emphasized in pointe class. Parents may be asked to help dancers stay accountable to their goals and completing their homework.

The length of time spent in pre-pointe can vary from one to six semesters before being approved for pointe shoes. In rare cases, some dancers may not be allowed to go en pointe due to anatomical reasons.

Dancers are assessed by their pre-pointe instructor and pointe instructor before being awarded pointe shoes.

It is essential to have at least one instructor present during all pointe shoe and demi-pointe shoe fittings, and these fittings will take place at Bellissimo Dance Boutique in Franklin. Prior teacher approval is required before any dancer purchases pointe shoes. Pointe shoes must be specifically fitted to each dancer's feet to avoid serious injuries. Buying pointe shoes "for fun" or "just around the house" without a specialized fit and proper ballet training is not permitted. Each dancer will typically be fitted for two shoes that fit them well, so that in case of an availability issue, there will still be shoes available to them.

The decision to join pointe class and perform in that semester's recital is at the discretion of the instructor and artistic director, and the dancer's safety is the number one priority. Some dancers may be ready to perform en pointe in the recital after a semester, while others may need a full semester or a full year of classes before performing en pointe in the recitals.

Going en pointe is a financial commitment, and pointe shoes are not the same as normal dance shoes.

Toes of Grace pointe instructors teach dancers how to properly take care of their shoes, so they last as long as possible. However, pointe shoes have a short lifespan, especially for more advanced dancers. It is recommended to have two pairs of pointe shoes, rotating them throughout the week for classes, taking them home in a mesh shoe bag, and hanging them up to dry.

Dance company

The Dance Company is a select group that represents Toes of Grace dance studio at competitions, conventions, and additional performance opportunities. Auditions take place in April/May, and dancers must meet higher standards for attendance, behavior, and additional class requirements. There are additional fees and rehearsals that apply.



 Behavior & Creative Property

To ensure a positive learning environment, Toes of Grace will address all student behavioral issues politely and professionally. If parents have concerns, they must fill out a parent concern form available at the desk or in the band app. Texting concerns with instructors or staff members is not allowed. If an instructor or staff member witnesses a student or parent speaking ill of another student, dance parent, or member of staff, they may ask them to leave the class or the building.

Toes of Grace has a zero-tolerance policy on accusations that question the integrity of an instructor or the business, and any family or student who verbally intimidates or threatens a Toes of Grace instructor or staff person will not be allowed enrollment or involvement. Although Toes of Grace students may socialize outside of the studio, Toes of Grace can only be involved and work towards a solution when the student interactions happen physically in class or at a Toes of Grace event.

Toes of Grace takes a more conservative approach when it comes to costuming, music selection, choreography, and creating a show. The studio and staff are expected to make the best decisions for their students. All choreography, including solos, duos, and trios, is intellectual property of Toes ofGrace and Toes of Grace staff, and dancers must ask permission of both the choreographer and artistic director before performing publicly or posting videos online.

Parents are responsible for understanding the difference in techniques and choreographic styles of each genre their student is enrolled in. It is not the instructor's responsibility to adjust technique or choreography for parents; any such change must come from the director. Negative opinions on choreography or other dancers should not be shared amongst other families or students, as this can negatively impact performances.

Lastly, student class placement and level is at the discretion of Toes of Grace staff and artistic director.

Dance Recitals

This policy outlines the guidelines for participation in the Toes of Grace dance recitals. The studio plans two recitals per year, one in the winter and one in the summer, and all dancers are invited to participate. However, the directors and instructors may make exceptions for new students transferring into existing classes, provided they have the necessary technique and application knowledge to join the class.

If a student chooses to drop out of the recital, they must communicate this before November 1st for the Christmas recital or April 1st for the spring recital. If they fail to do so, they will be subject to a reblocking fine of $100 per class. Emergencies or injuries that occur after this date may not be subject to the fee. The recital dances are typically completed before spring break, and failure to attend Toes of Grace's dress rehearsal may result in a student being unable to participate in the recital.

There are no refunds available on costumes once they are ordered, and additional fees may apply for December and June performances, which will be determined and announced at a later date.

Tickets will be available for purchase for those who attend, but dancers will not need a ticket.

Your account must have zero balance by December 10th to perform in the December recital and a zero balance by June 10th to perform in the June recital. Failure to pay your account in full by these dates will result in your student not being permitted to perform.

All female students must purchase a nude performance leotard from Toes of Grace to wear under their costume for performance at a price of $24.99. The purpose of this garment is modesty and uniformity of appearance. It will be adjustable and fit for several performances.

Recital Costumes

This policy outlines the requirements and procedures for ordering and paying for costumes for Toes of Grace dance studio's holiday show and spring recital. The cost for each costume is $109.99 plus tax (subject to change), which includes a garment bag, tights, alterations, steaming, and order processing and sorting.

The first costume ordered will also require a mandatory nude leotard, which costs an additional $24.99.

Payment for December recital costume(s) is due with September tuition, and payment for June recital costume(s) is due with October tuition.

Costumes cannot be ordered until full payment is received. Late costume payments are subject to a $20 non-refundable late payment fee. Any costumes ordered after December will require an additional non-refundable $20 fee for the late ordering process and there is no guarantee of availability.

To ensure the best fit, each student's measurements are carefully compared to a sizing chart provided by the costume company. If a student's measurements fall between two sizes, the larger size is typically ordered. The most important measurement used when sizing costumes is the body length measurement (girth). Some costumes may require minor alterations, such as hemming pants or attaching straps, which are the responsibility of the parent. Costumes are made to order for an "average" sized person.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol and Policy *subject to change

This policy outlines several COVID-19 safety protocols in place at Toes of Grace. First, hand sanitizer will be provided prior to entering the studio. Second, the studio will be disinfected each day to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Third, if for any reason the studio has to temporarily close or is unable to hold in-person classes, classes may be held virtually, and attendance is still required, with tuition and fees remaining non-refundable. Fourth, families are asked to notify the studio if their dancer or a family member has tested positive for COVID-19 or has come into close contact with someone who has tested positive. Fifth, any student having symptoms related to COVID-19 should not come to class. Finally, the lobby may be closed to parents until further notice, and dancers will need to be dropped off and picked up at the door. These policies have been carefully considered to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the dance experience at Toes of Grace.

Thank you for your cooperation and agreement to comply with these policies set by Toes of Grace. We can assure you that very careful thought and consideration has been taken into every aspect so that we can provide the best dance experience possible for you.